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Java Desktop Application Starter - Introduction


We haven't posted on this blog for almost a year, we've been working on some Java desktop applications, VBA on Exel sheet and other projects that required most of our time. Now that more time is available, here is a little project that we will share with you.
Each time that we start a new Desktop Java project, we end up re building a starter from scratch depending on the application needs. We found out that as well as being time consuming,  we always wanted to add functionality and improve on the previous version. We also found out that in the end, the starters were doing the same task but different ways. We opened this project to have a standard and to stop trying to reinvent the wheel.
What the starter should be doing

  1. Having a screen showing the progress of the starting application.
  2. Giving the user the opportunity to cancel the loading of the application.
  3. Checking for updates if internet access exist or on local network and/or both.
  4. Giving the user the option to download update and/or new module now or later.
  5. Install the update and/or the new module.
  6. Start the application.
  7. Most of all, be easy for developper to setup and provide flexibility at some point.

We looked at other existing applications, but there is always something missing or not fonctioning as expected. Here are other sites that have this approach. There are very nice pieces of code that can lead you to create your own code for a starter.

  1. JUPAR:
  2. JAUUS:
  3. Java Web Start:
  4. (nice to read):
  5. Stackoverflow (nice to read):

This will be a series of blogs as the development progresses. You will have the chance to comment or share ideas. Note that the comments will not be posted since we do not have the time to filter them. But we will surely post a resume of the feedback, the best ideas, the errors and more.
Stay tuned,this can be very interesting. Thanks for the visit and don't forget to register and subscribe to the blog.

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